According to the report of the Sepehr Moshemgar website; The short film Mohsen Zinda ist went to the editing room after 10 filming sessions in East Tehran.

The short film Mohsen Zinda ist, centered on the dominance of modern media over everyday life, narrates a part of the life of a young man who is caught in the endless flood of the modern world and has reached mental reduction. “Mohsen” – the first character of the film – as a symbol of the Iranian youth, in addition to the conflict with daily life and personal problems, has been confused by the frameworks and rationalizations of the modern world and has lost the desired mental process.

The short film “Mohsen is alive” depicts various crises and stages of Mohsen’s life with multiple narratives from different times. In this film, Mohsen is always going back and forth during his youth and middle age and after his death, and he does not have a specific comfort point in life, so that different age periods for Mohsen happen at the same time and in the same place.

The screenplay of “Mohsen Zinda ist” was written by Ebrahim Izadi with an adaptation of the story “Master of Philosophy” – the book “Descent and some other stories”.

Mohsen Vanai, Azadeh Akbari, Abolfazl Norouzi and Mohammad Salimi are the actors of this short film; Also, Forough Ghiathund (assistant director and stage secretary), Nima Vaghri Moghadam (filming director), Pouria Sistani (production manager), Mateen Ghasemi (photographer) have collaborated in this project.


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